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How do smart homeowners and savvy designers afford to update home furnishings  as often as they wish? How do they find perfect items for every room of their homes? They have a closely-kept secret: Design With Consignment. Now you can join them and make your decorating dreams come true.

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At Design With Consignment, we are furniture fanatics! We understand the value of finely-crafted furnishings and know what makes them special. We also know our consignors are busy people—so we make our consignment process as smooth, professional, and hassle-free as possible.

Behind The Scenes

Visit our Austin showroom and discover why people love working here. There is a constant turnover in items – new and exciting things arrive daily. Our regular customers visit frequently to browse and buy – Design with Consignment is the number one destination for decorators and designers are hunting for amazing finds at great prices. It’s a fantastic working environment.